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Srki Rakic was born in Serbia, a small country in Southeast Europe. Srki’s father, mother and older sister, still all reside in their hometown Krusevac, one of the oldest cities in Serbia.

Srki was born a few months after the death of the “great” communist leader Josip Broz Tito, who had reigned for nearly fifty years. Much of his early life surroundings were themed with the transition from communist-to-socialist-to-democratic regime. It all began with the fall of communism starting in the late 80s, following the disintegration of Yugoslavia in the beginning of the 90s, Balkan civil wars all the way through 1999 and the overthrow of the regime in 2000.

Srki went to the civil engineering high school and was on the volleyball team for 4 years. After the high school he served in the army, which was mandatory at the time, as communications specialist. Srki was not thrilled about having to serve; however, army did have beneficial influence on him as it has strengthen his personality and prepared him well for bigger challenges in life. 

Not long after, he was standing at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York. The college years followed. He graduated the College of William and Mary with the degree in Computer Science. During that time Srki was active user and contributor to Gentoo Linux. In May 2012 he started working as an intern for STR Software, and in March of 2012 became a full time employee. 

In his free time he is an avid foodie. He likes to cook and is fatally attracted to a slow death of unhealthy foods. He likes learning about different cultures through their cuisines.  He also likes playing tennis and spending his time in nature hiking, camping, or fishing.